How do I access my account and check the status of my order?

To check the current status log in and click the order number at the bottom. If you never created an account use the password recovery option to create and access your account. Your orders are associated with your email address so use the email address your order confirmation was sent to.

Cape Ardor will send you email updates from as the status of your order progresses.


It looks like my shipment is not moving. Where is it?

There is a period of time when it looks like your wine isn’t moving but actually is.

Cape Ardor recently transitioned to using a premier shipping and logistics carrier based in beautiful Napa Valley. When your wine leaves our dock it’s happily joined by all its California wine cousins on a veritable shipping wine trail. We value our carrier’s service because:

Your wine is tracked by their internal system all the way until it arrives at your regional depot. During this time the only update we have is that it’s in transit. Once it arrives, you’ll review an email with the tracking number and we’ll also update it in your account for reference. It may take 3-10 days from the time your wine leaves our headquarters and you receive your tracking number. It may take a few days after that before movement is reported.

Temperature controlled vehicles means in many cases we can ship wine to you regardless of the weather. It’s only on a regular delivery truck for regional drop-offs, so we just try to avoid extreme temperatures. For summer months, we can have ice packs put in at the depot to protect it on the final leg.

Currently (Fall 2018), we’re servicing a backlog of wine orders. Together we’re processing as many as we can as quickly as we can.

If you need overnight shipping, white glove service where it’s temperature controlled all the way to your door, or have any other special request, please contact us.


Why is it preferred to deliver to a business address?

Most carriers deliver to businesses in the morning and residential addresses in the afternoon. Delivering in the morning minimizes any effects from the weather. The other main benefit is there’s usually someone available to sign for it, so you don’t have to worry about missing a delivery.


Can I change the wines in my order?

The best way to amend your order is to contact us through our contact page.


How can I update my shipping address?

The best way to change the address of your order is by contacting us with your order number, full name and address correction. We will change the “ship-to” address and send you an updated order confirmation via email.


I was recently in South Africa and placed an order at a winery but have not received an order confirmation or update.

If a representative at the winery placed the order for you, they may have entered the wrong information. If the email address isn’t copied correctly, we’ll try to call. If neither are correct, we’re unable to contact you. The other reason you might not hear from us is if the order confirmation landed in your spam folder. Please save in your address book to receive all notifications from us. If you’re still unable to find your order details, please contact us.


I have a credit card charge from Cape Ardor but do not have any other information.

If you have received a charge from Cape Ardor, it means you placed an order at one of our partner wineries. You may not have received an order confirmation due to a spelling error in your email address. Please contact us if you have questions with any charges.


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Can I pick up my order in person?

Yes! Use coupon code WILLCALL to waive shipping fees and leave a note in the comments box when to expect you for pickup. Please call before dropping by.


I want to send a personal wine gift to all my friends or clients. Can you do that?

Yes! Cape Ardor will work with you to find the right wine for your occasion, and oversee any special packing needs such as gift cards or business collateral. Contact us with the details of your request.


Will Cape Ardor allow me to purchase wines you don’t currently have in stock?

Yes, we allow you to pre-order wines we’re stocking for the first time, and backorder wines we’ve run out of stock on. This allows you to be the first in line when new stock arrives. Please note this will delay your entire order until all wines are in-house, unless you opt to split your order into multiple shipments, as noted below. Wine product pages list expected in-stock dates.


Is there an additional cost to ship my wines that are in-stock if one or more items are not immediately available?

Additional shipping costs will apply if you want to split your order into multiple shipments. A “split-ship” charge is $25 extra for ground shipping. To do so, please contact us.


Why is my shipment delayed?

Cape Ardor prides itself in making hard to find, boutique international wines available to you. Your wine travels well over ten thousand miles before it reaches you. It can be on the water for up to two months, and we can experience further delays with US customs, port strikes, weather at sea, and a variety of other factors. The lead times for procuring our wines can be upwards of three months, which is challenging to plan our inventory levels for. We’re ever improving our forecasting to ensure we have the wine you ordered ready-to-ship.

To check the current status of your order and and expected availability, log in to your account and click on the order number at the bottom. You will receive email notifications as soon as your order ships.


Will my wine be shipped in the cold winter and warm summer months?

If you place an order with Cape Ardor and reside in an area of extreme weather temperature (or delivery routes through an area of extreme temperature), we will bill you for your order, pack it and hold it in our temperature controlled warehouse. You will receive an email stating that we are holding it for you until temperatures are more favorable to ship. If you would like us to release your wine, you can submit a weather release form here. When doing so Cape Ardor is not responsible for any damages that may occur.


Shipping cost seems a bit higher than I was expecting, why is that?

All orders are shipped from California. Based on the location your order is shipping to, standard rates apply.


What are Cape Ardor’s office hours?

We’re available Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm Pacific Time, and closed on weekends and National Holidays. Call us any time to place an order, get wine recommendations, or if have questions with your order.


I have a question that’s not covered here.

Please contact us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.