About us

Our Mission

Our goal is a simple one: to connect passionate producers making the most exciting boutique and artisan wines with equally passionate customers. Achieving our goal comes down to building strong personal relationships with our customers and our producers. We carefully select reputable boutique wineries for the long-term partnership and go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Philosophy

We are a team of passionate ‘vinophiles’. We believe there is an important story to be told behind every wine in our portfolio. Our rich experience and appreciation of wine have made us expert storytellers knowing the places and people behind our wines. So take a seat at the table as we share our passion and expertise with you and invite you to enjoy all the wonderful wines we have to offer.

Our Values

Innovative Partnership
Customer Communication
Operational Excelence
Portfolio Growth

Our Commitment

It’s not easy making hard-to-find wines available. Most international wineries don’t produce the volume of wine needed to reach their US enthusiasts. The result is if you want an import, you’re getting the mass produced commercialized brands.

Cape Ardor was born out of a desire to make the wines you would drink if you were there, available to you.

We do this by combining a series of smaller shipments from the top wineries into one large container. Sometimes we import as few as a half dozen cases from a single winery! The result is the top international wineries can now serve their US fans. It takes a lot of coordination and planning to handle all the logistics and regulations involved in bringing their wine from their doors, to yours, but every happy customer makes it all worth it.

Experience the best wines of the world with us!