Introducing Creation Winery

About Creation

Situated at an extraordinary 350 metres above sea level in the beautiful valley of the Walker Bay region, you will find Creation Wines. Owned by Swiss-born Jean-Claude (JC) and South African native Carolyn Martin. This formidable husband and wife team pride themselves on making quality sustainable South African wines that have a focus on conserving natural heritage. Both come from wine pioneering stock spanning at least three generations and two continents.

Creation varietals and how they thrive

It is no secret that Creation makes some of the region’s best Pinot Noir which is why Jean-Claude says the varietal is his favorite cultivar. From drinking it, growing it and making it, to say Pinot Noir is his passion is an understatement. There are four Pinot Noirs in the Creation portfolio and even less wonder that they win accolade upon accolade, locally as well as internationally. According to JC, a good Pinot Noir reflects the typicity where it is grown. “Pinot ideally needs to be grown under cooler conditions to prolong the ripening process. Our vineyards’ close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and an elevation of 350 meters above sea level result in cool conditions, ideal for the slow ripening of the grapes. The steady sea breezes coming off the cold Atlantic move up the valley and keep the vineyards healthy and the disease pressure at a very low level.”

Things to do at Creation winery

Creation Wines are known for curating an unforgettable sensorial experience at their estate with the perfect trifecta of fine wine, gourmet food and local art. “What originates in the vineyard resonates in the glass and at Creation, our ultimate mission is to reflect the heart and soul of our terroir in our wines,” explains co-owner Carolyn Martin. Balance, elegance, distinction and finesse – these are the hallmarks of Creation Wines. 

Creation wines you can find at Cape Ardor

Creation – Reserve Pinot Noir, Walker Bay – 2019

The Reserve Pinot Noir is a vineyard selection, traditional skin fermentation, and post-fermentation maceration, followed by malolactic fermentation in the barrels. A delicious wine to pair with earthy beetroot or mushroom risotto. Gleaming ruby red in color, just like Dorothy’s magical shoes, this Pinot Noir has an intriguing hint of spice, supplemented by dried apricot on the nose. Boasting in elegant complexity with layers of dried fruit that linger with raspberry, cherry and piquant spice. Creation’s Reserve Pinot Noir absolutely deserves a standing ovation and a space in your wine collection. 

Creation – Reserve Chardonnay, Walker Bay – 2018

The Reserve Chardonnay is grown in a single vineyard, it has intoxicating aromas of apple, grapefruit, with a slight hint of honey. I adore the buttery palate and minerality. This is certainly a wine to drink in any season! Pairs well with Roasted Cauliflower or a light seafood dish.

Creation – Syrah/Grenache, Walker Bay – 2018

Dark purple in hue, with flashes of deep crimson. Alluring aromas of ripe olive elegantly complemented by whiffs of pepper. A bold, full-bodied Rhône-style blend with intense flavors of ripe plum, black pepper, tapenade and umami. Supple ripe tannins and well-integrated, natural acidity contribute to the appeal. The Syrah/Grenache pairs well with a roasted duck and plum sauce. 


Creation Entrance

The sculpture garden at Creation Winery. Photo credit: Dominique Solomon



BY Dominique Solomon | October 10, 2020

Dominique Solomon Dominique is a WSET level 3 student. Wine writer, wine and food enthusiast, she enjoys exploring the beautiful Winelands of South Africa.