Cousins Jeff and Simon Grier started the family owned Villiera Wines outside of Stellenbosch in 1983. This particular grape-growing region has a prevailing Mediterranean climate which is favored for the growing of vines. All the fruit is grown on Villiera making the wines distinctive and unique.

The introduction of the high-tech cellar facilities for the production of still wines as well as Methode Cap Classique sparkling wines, combined with a unique philosophy has seen Villiera developing into one of the country’s leading private wineries.


Environmental Awareness

The winery maintains an environmentally friendly vineyard with 200 ha designated to grapes and the other 200 ha made up of buildings, fallow land, gardens and dams.


There is a strong focus on water conservation and recycling and 12000 indigenous trees are currently being planted on the farm as part of a green project.


The Wild life in the sanctuary is abundant and Villiera Winery has been accredited as a BWI member.


In 2006 Villiera bacame apart of the WIETA (Biodiversity Wine Initiative). Their mission is to improve working conditions within the Agricultural Industry by adhering to ethical employment practices. The WIETA code of conduct prohibits the use of child labor, excessive working hours and unfair discrimination, while ensuring a healthy and safe working environment and the right to a living wage.