About Vilafonté

Vilafonté is the first American and South African joint wine-making venture. This groundbreaking red wine project is a partnership between a respected group of winespecialists from South Africa (Michael Ratcliffe) and the United States (Zelma Long and Phillip Freese). Vilafonté is the first winery in South Africa to focus on making wine aimed specifically at the US market.


Vilafonté is named after vilafontes, one of the more unique soil types in our vineyard. Vilafontes is one of the oldest recorded soil types in the world and has been defined as being somewhere between 750 000 and 1.5mil years old.


Vilafonte Wines

Vilafonté will only ever produce two wines. In the formative years, Winemaking Partner Zelma Long noticed that our vineyard was producing two distinctive styles. Both styles were of the highest quality, not one of them better than the other, but distinctive nonetheless. One portion of the vineyard produced a soft, rounded, fleshy and fruit driven style. The other side of our vineyard produced a bolder, more powerful and structured style. It was this realisation that lead to the emergence of Series M and Series C.