Steenberg holds the distinction of being the oldest farm in the picturesque Constantia Valley, which is generally considered to be South Africa’s premier wine growing region. With its cool, sea-facing slopes and majestic granite ridges, this vineyard has developed a worldwide reputation for producing excellent Cape wines. The estate boasts a state of the art modern winery, producing some of the country’s finest award winning wines.


The History of Steenberg

Steenberg, ‘Mountain of Stone’, has a romantic ring, but the original name was even more beautiful: it was called ‘Swaaneweide’ – The Feeding Place of Swans. Whether swans did indeed fly down to drink and swim in the cool clear waters of the farm, or whether the first owner, Catharina Ras, was being nostalgic about her former home in Lubeck, on the Baltic coast of Germany, is hard to tell. Catharina had probably named the farm after what she thought were swans which are not indigenous to South Africa and certainly not Constantia. It is thought that she had mistaken the spur-winged geese for swans as today you will still find a large population of these spur-winged geese at Steenberg.


Steenberg Wines

From the analytical eye of the General Manager John Loubser, the most important ingredients to a superior wine are quality vineyards, climate and gentle human intervention to allow the grape to do what it does naturally. John’s positive and sensitive passion to the wine industry has left its indelible mark on the wines of Steenberg. Working in an environment where the facilities are modern, efficient and the best in the country, allowed John the freedom to express his knowledge through the art of wine making.


The icon wines of Steenberg Vineyards are Magna Carta, our white Bordeaux style blend, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillon. Other wines carrying the Steenberg label are, Shiraz, Merlot, Nebbiolo and 1682 Chardonnay MCC.