About Solms-Delta

Solms-Delta is so much more than a wine estate. A trust was established that benefits the estate’s historically disadvantaged residents and employees. Then they were given an equal (one third) equity stake in the winery. From the profits, the farm residents enjoy new, refurbished and comfortable homes, and social programs that have greatly improved their health, education and general quality of life.


Solms-Delta Wines

The estate offers nine innovative wines in two ranges, Solms-Delta and Solms-Astor, the former with varying quantities of desiccated (vine clamped and dried) grapes to create wines with different intensities and distinctive styles. In keeping with the estate’s rich heritage, all the wines have names which commemorate historical links.


Solms Deltas’ vineyards are beautiful and their wines speak for themselves. But the real value of this place is the people who shaped it. The true stories behind the wines are best told by the people themselves, many of whom are from families that have lived in the Cape Winelands, and on Franschhoek wine farms, for generations.



You can book tasting / walking tours led by primarily the farm residents, the tours offer rare personal insight into the vineyards, farm workers’ lives, and the cultural and musical heritage of Solms-Delta and the surrounding Cape Winelands.