About Haute Cabriére

Comprised of two farms, situated on opposite ends of the breathtaking Franschhoek Wine Valley, Haute Cabrière is something extraordinary. A rich history, a whimsical setting, a seductive approach to wine and a magnetic proprietor ensure that Haute Cabrière is a decadent affair for any visitor.


Haute Cabriére Tasting Room

The Pierre Jourdan Tasting Cellar, situated adjacent to the Haute Cabrière Cellar Restaurant, offers guests an exclusive wine experience.An auditorium within the maturation cellar, as well as additional tasting facilities, ensure that visitors are able to enjoy Pierre Jourdan and Haute Cabrière wines in their natural habitat. Every Saturday Achim von Arnim and his son, Takuan, treat guests to the ultimate in wine theatre. Visitors are whisked away on the intimate journey through Haute Cabrière’s history and wine philosophy. The use of a famed French cavalry sabre, to open bottle after bottle of Pierre Jourdan Cap Classique, adds the perfect amount of dramatic flair to this exceptional adventure.


Fun Fact

In the heart of the Haute Cabrière vineyards lies an unassuming sundial. This sundial is uniquely marked by an inscription on its pillar. It reads “Sun, Soil, Vine, Man” and these four words form the crux of the Haute Cabrière philosophy.


The core belief that wine is grown not made makes the farm’s ethos incredibly real and intrinsically human.
This is seductive conviction and it’s intertwined with the farm’s ultimate philosophy that wine is bigger than one, it’s the combination of four: Sun, Soil, Vine, Man.