About de Trafford

Tucked up in a valley between the Stellenbosch and Helderberg mountains is the small hillside winery of de Trafford. Only 12 acres are under vine and the owner and winemaker, the renown David Trafford, produces only 3500 cases annually. Described as a ‘soft-spoken, thoughtful winemaker’ by Wine Spectator’s Molesworth, he too claimed in a recent article that “David makes some of the most distinctive, compelling wine in South Africa.”


De Trafford Wines

A hallmark of De Trafford Wines is the effort spent in growing ripe vines to produce properly ripe fruit. Picked at optimum ripeness with maximum potential intensity and complexity, never overripe, despite the often high sugars. The grapes are carefully handpicked and transported to the winery in small lugboxes. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts takes place in various small tanks and includes a pre-fermentation and post fermentation phase with regular punching down of the cap. ”


“Every wine we make sees oak,” said Trafford. “We have no stainless tanks, except for topping off juice. I think oak brings something to wine, even old barrels. In tank, there’s no oxygen exchange, no motion in the wine as it ages. You don’t get that mouthfeel. In the end, I want more of the feel of oak, rather than the flavors.”