An estate shaped by over three hundred years of passion and commitment, Blaauwklippen, nestled on the slopes of the Stellenbosch Mountain, is one of the oldest wine farms in South Africa dating back to 1682, founded by Gerrit Jansz Visser. The name Blaauwklippen comes from the dutch word meaning “blue rocks”.


Widely regarded as a wine tourism pioneer, Blaauwklippen offers many attractions for the whole family, including wine tasting, a Sunday market, a coffee roastery, carriage museum, jungle gyms, horse-drawn carriage rides, art exhibitions, conference and functioning facilities and much more. It is our mission to make visitors feel welcome and introduce them to our heritage, history, wines and cuisine.


Blaauwklippen Wines
Over the course of centuries, the surrounding granite cliffs have been eroded by sun, wind and rain, producing their most valuable asset: mineral-rich soil. The grey-blue rock and stone of the cliffs are particularly well suited to storing the sun’s warmth, creating the ideal climate for producing exceptional wines.


The people who work in the farm live according to the principle that “the winemaker merely finishes what nature began”. They treat nature with the respect it deserves, and believe that truly fine wines are created in the vineyard, not in the cellar.


They have developed a principle of minimal intervention in the process of winemaking, using only 100% natural yeast from the grapes since 2004. Patience is their secret ingredient, letting time work in their favour and inviting you to try their products and experience the difference for yourself.