About Backsberg

Backsberg is situated in Paarl and has become the first wine producer in South Africa and one of only three in the world to gain Carbon Neutral status by sequestrating its carbon emissions.

Proprietor, Michael Back, who joined the family business in 1976, is passionate about the environment, believing that each generation is the custodian of the land for a limited period of time only. “Care for the environment means care and concern for succeeding generations. As custodians of the land, it is our duty to understand and recognize potential threats, and to mitigate against them for the benefit of the next generation,” says Back.

Backsberg Wines
Backsberg’s wine making style is very much based on the kiss principle. i.e. “keep it simple stupid”. In other words if we have not got it right in the vineyards we are not going to get it right in the cellar.

Winemaking is done with as little intervention as possible

Wines which are seamless, i.e. wines where all the components of flavour are in harmony: fruit sweetness, tannin, acid and where the wines have been wood matured, barrel characteristics.