Your Ultimate Wine Gift Guide

Gift giving is an expression of emotion. Joy, gratitude, love and appreciation. We share gifts in times of celebration and solace regardless of culture or creed. It is a beautiful universal act that enriches our souls through meaningful messages whilst enhancing social ties between colleagues, neighbours, friends and family. No doubt you love receiving a gift yet the true joy is in the giving, so let’s spread joy and happiness together. And what better way than with wine right? Read about why South African wine is the ultimate gift here. We are making it even easier for you to buy wine gifts online with our new personal gift service.

Sip & Read | Personalised Gift Service

The personalised gift service is perfect for you if you want the professional’s touch on your gifts this year

Personal gifting made easy with your Personal Gift Assistant

No gift is too big or too small, it’s the thought that counts, yet sometimes deciding what to get is hard enough. Then there’s all the other things to consider; wrapping, bows and glitter, the perfectly worded culturally sensitive message, making sure everyone is on the list from Joe in the corner office to Karen in accounting and don’t forget Aunty Joan who’s been knitting socks all year, and then having it all delivered too. It’s overwhelming. Yet never fear, allow me to introduce your Personal Gift Assistant and our Personal Gifting Service.

Sip & Read | Gift assistant

The Personal Gift Assistant is a wine specialist that can make recommendations for excellent holiday gifts

Sip & Read | Personal Gift Assistant

Make shopping a breeze this year by consulting your personal gift assistant

Our Personal Gift Service is designed to thank the folks that matter most without sacrificing your personal touch. We handle your gift packaging, customization and delivery while not sacrificing any of the personal effects, quality, or messaging that you wish to convey to the people that matter most in your personal or professional life. Your Personal Gift Assistant will advise on boutique, sustainably produced wines not widely available in the United States. Flexible options allow you to personalize your gift and fixed gift costs help you stay on budget. Add personal or professional messaging and we can even include your corporate branding too. Allow us to manage this solution to save you time, stress and money!

Sip & Read | Gift

Add personal or professional messaging when using the personal gift service and we can even include your corporate branding

Need a gift idea?

We have curated a broad spectrum of Gift Ideas for you. Ready-to-go Gift sets ranging from 2 – 6 bottles of award winning wines from specific wineries or our mystery selection of white and red wines from around the world. Gift Certificate’s are an easy and immediate option too, all you do is decide on the amount, fill in the recipients details and it arrives in their inbox within minutes or whenever you choose. They get to decide exactly what they want from our online shop and we’ll deliver at a time that best suits them. There is no expiry on the electronic gift certificate and it’s an ideal time saver for you, yet still a thoughtful and joyous gift to receive.

Sip & Read | Gift Voucher

Give the gift of choice by spoiling a loved one with a gift voucher

The gift that keeps on giving – The Wine Club

For those folk that you really like or those that need reminding of your affection and gratitude on a regular basis, we have The Wine Clubs. A recurring delivery of boutique wines to your door. You get access to limited releases, winemaker tasting notes, delicious paired recipes and special deals too. Choose from The Limited 2 bottle, bi-monthly wine club selection, The Reserve 6 bottle, quarterly wine club, or the The Ambassador limited custom wine club accessed by membership only on application.

Sip & Read | Wine Club tasting notes

Each wine club shipment features tasting notes and six curated recipes that pair perfectly with the hand selected wines

Sip & Read | Wine Club Recipes

The mouth watering recipes for the wine clubs are created by renowned South African online magazine ‘Crush’

Never forget that you are special and deserve a gift or two, so be sure to show yourself some love and get a gift for you.

Cheers to a festive season filled with love, laughter and lots of really good wine. Follow Sip & Read to stay up to date with the latest wine news. Get updates on new wines and specials offers here, also forward this post to a friend who might need some assistant on the gift giving front here.

Sip & Read | Festive Season

The holidays are for spending time with your loved ones, let us take care of your gifting

Sip & Read | Cheers

Cheers & Happy Holidays

BY Katie The Wine Fairy | November 2, 2021

Katie The Wine Fairy Katie is passionate about demystifying the mysteries of wine and sharing joy, knowledge and laughter with anyone who’s willing to join her. She is certified as a Sensorial Wine Judge and Garagiste winemaker by the University of Stellenbosch, holds a Diploma in Wine from the Cape Wine Academy and is a certified tourist guide in South Africa.

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