La Motte – an art, wine and culinary journey

Nestled in the Franschoek Valley with a backdrop of the Wemmershoek Mountain range is one of the most renowned estates in South Africa, La Motte. The estate is famous for producing premium South African wines and offering a relaxed atmosphere with brilliant views and scenery.

Rich in history and 17th century Cape Dutch architecture, the estate has much to offer in terms of aesthetics. Upon arrival, one is blown away by its visual appeal; expansive, lush lawns,  plant life and pristine buildings. From art, to history, fine foods, wine, and even a hiking trail, La Motte is more than a wine estate, it is an entire experience. 

La Motte offers a relaxed atmosphere with views and brilliant scenery

La Motte offers a relaxed atmosphere with views and brilliant scenery

Art and History

The estate is rich in history dating back to 1709 when the property was purchased by French-Huguenot Pierre Joubert, the name La Motte hails from a location in Provence – La Motte d’Aigues. Wine farming at this location first began 1752. More than two centuries later the estate was purchased by Dr. Anton Rupert who, through hard work and dedication, restored and established the estate into a premium destination for quality and prestige. Furthermore, the estate’s Art Gallery displays beautifully curated pieces and works that have been well cared for. Huberte Rupert is the woman behind the Gallery at the estate. As one who is devoted to beautiful artwork, she has played a significant role in the preservation of pieces displayed.

La Motte Art Gallery CTLOA installation | Courtesy of La Motte

La Motte Art Gallery CTLOA installation | Courtesy of La Motte

Irma Stern - Zanzibar Woman | Courtesy of La Motte

Irma Stern – Zanzibar Woman | Courtesy of La Motte


Food and Wine

La Motte owes its extensive range of wines, from Syrah to Sauvignon, to its biologic production under manager Jaco Visser. Grapes may be obtained from a variety of family-owned farms in a number of regions, offering a diverse supply of grapes to the La Motte cellar. The assortment in soil types and the moderate climate in the region is ideal for the production of the finest grapes. Under award winning cellar-master Edmund Terblanche, tradition and science collide in order to deliver internationally celebrated wines.

In a similar fashion, the award winning Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant delivers a unique experience where traditional food (with a modern twist) is given room to shine. South African cuisine is interpreted in an innovative manner. With a tranquil feel, the restaurant ties the entire estate together superbly. 

Pierneef restaurant at La Motte

Pierneef restaurant at La Motte

Superbly presented plates at the Pierneef restaurant

Ethical and Sustainable Farming

The estate has been particularly dedicated to development and empowerment with regards to its workers. The estate is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and its owners are devoted to upliftment of its workers. The initiatives include the specialized training of its employees in the field of agriculture, offering health and pre-school services as well as the transfer of home ownership to workers. For their dedication to the cause of ethical farming, they have been awarded accreditation by the Wine Industry Ethical Trade Association (WIETA). 

Additionally, La Motte is a WWF Conservation Champion, recognized for its dedication to biologic farming methods. The estate has made it its mission to protect the plant life in the region. In order to produce their grapes, flowers, and oils they draw on sustainable farming principles.

The Wines of La Motte

The Wines of La Motte

Award winning Wines

La Motte wines are critically acclaimed and widely awarded both locally and overseas. Cape Ardor stocks a range of wines from this premium estate, including the vintages from the La Motte collection. This four-pack offer includes the Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc varietals from The Pierneef Collection.


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