Cheers to 21 years of Creation Wines

The year 2023 is one that will always be memorable to the team at Creation Wines in the South African wine region of Walker Bay in the Hemel-en-Aarde. The estate celebrates its coming of age and has been placed fourth among the world’s top 50 vineyards yet again. This is the fourth time that Creation has been listed as the number one estate in South Africa and on the African continent.

It also joins in celebrations of International Pinot Noir Day on August 18. Creation’s Pinot Noir portfolio is testament to the estate’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Creation Reserve Pinot Noir

Creation Reserve Pinot Noir

Four sought-after wines reflect the unwavering pursuit of quality: the Creation (Estate) Pinot Noir, the Creation Reserve Pinot Noir, Emma’s Pinot Noir, and the Creation Art of Pinot Noir. Each wine uniquely expresses the varietal, ranging from intensely fragrant and earthy to complex and elegantly spicy. These wines have garnered international acclaim and numerous prestigious awards.

It has been 21 years since Creation’s Pinot Noir vines began their journey in one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. The vineyards have matured over the past two decades and by nurturing the virus-free Pinot Noir vines and maintaining a healthy biome, the quality and expression of the wines have continued to evolve.

Creation, a picturesque place in the Hemel-en-aarde-valley

Creation, a picturesque place in the magical Hemel-en-aarde

The proud coming of age of the estate’s Pinot Noir centers not only on the clay rich Bokkeveld shale soils which contribute to the wine’s structure, but also on its unique location. The estate in the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge Ward is flanked by fynbos-clad mountains and enjoys a climate tempered by the cooling influence of the breezes from the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

The diurnal fluctuation in temperature with a long ripening window allows Creation to harvest their Pinot Noir at optimal ripeness whilst maintaining good acidity. Natural fermentation, with no filtration, fining or filtering consistently produces wines of exceptional quality and complexity.

Jean-Claude and co-owner Carolyn Martin have been instrumental in the estate’s success and the drive behind a decades long journey of innovation. Their dedication to preserving the region’s natural heritage, along with their emphasis on sustainable practices, has resulted in wines that authentically reflect the terroir.

The name ‘Creation’ is a tribute to nature and the favorable wine growing conditions on the farm and refers to the fact that the Martins were the first to establish virus-free vineyards on the farm.

Carolyn and JC Martin, owners of Creation

Carolyn and JC Martin, owners of Creation Vineyards.

Today, two decades after the first fledgling vine took root, Creation clearly lives up to its name. Creative thinking and trendsetting solutions have positioned it among the Top Ten of the World’s Best Vineyards and Number One in Africa.

The World’s Best Vineyards is an annual listing that highlights the best winery destinations and experiences in the world. The prestigious list spans five continents and is created after the nominations of some 500 wine, travel and wine tourism experts have been counted and collated. Voters are asked to nominate the overall experiences they consider to be the best in the world and that they personally would recommend.

Creation clearly lives up to its name.

Creation clearly lives up to its name.

Andrew Reed, Managing Director Wine and Exhibitions at William Reed, comments: “The World’s Best Vineyards continues to highlight wine tourism destinations around the globe and with an impressive list of new entries this year, it’s more important than ever. We’ve found that local and international tourists are looking for experiences that offer a range of activities.”

Carolyn says, “The positive impact this listing has on the estate and our fine wine industry, cannot be underestimated. Creation’s commitment to a sustainable wine and tourism industry has been well documented, and being given a world stage such as this provides further impetus and inspiration to our team.

“So many elements need to be brought into harmony to create and enhance our visitor experience. We want to preserve our natural heritage for generations to come and this must be at the very core of not only the fine wines we produce, but the fine people we must grow.”

Creation cellar team

Creation cellar team


BY Maryke Roberts | August 17, 2023

Maryke is an award-winning, Cape Winelands based journalist who has been writing about local and international wine and travel for over three decades. When she's home, her days are almost exclusively concluded with a walk on the beach and a glass of South African fine wine or spirits.

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