The Groot Drakenstein mountains, a stunning backdrop for Solms-Delta Winery

The 320-year-old Solms-Delta Wine Estate, located in the heart of the Western Cape Province, is a unique Franschhoek wine farm dedicated to preserving its rich heritage and giving back to South African communities.

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This veritable wine farm in the Franschhoek Valley, bordered by the picturesque Groot Drakenstein Mountains, has seen difficult and tumultuous times in its past. The farm was originally established by slave labor and many of their descendants still live there.  The historic events and what has happened on the estate throughout the years has played a major role in its revitalization process. Professor Mark Solms, a highly regarded neuroscientist, returned to his South African roots and bought the farm in 2001. He then began the process of revitalizing the historic wine estate.

A museum was established and chronicles the history of the land and events that have taken place so that visitors will have a true understanding of Solms-Delta’s roots.

The mission of Solms-Delta is to bring about positive change that will have a ripple effect.  Making a significant contribution to the redevelopment of South Africa and taking care of the people of South Africa is of the utmost importance.  With the rebirth of the Solms-Delta wine farm, a trust was established in 2007 which has positively affected the lives of the people who live there.  (The social fabric of most South African farms involves working farms operated by the people who live on the land.)

The trust has been intended to address and fix economic and social inequalities of the underprivileged farm residents.  It supports a wide range of social, educational, and cultural projects as well as sports and recreation. Education for the next generation is largely focused on engaging farm children in learning and properly preparing the children for school. The Cape Winelands Social Inclusion Award was bestowed upon the Solms-Delta wine farm for “excellent and innovative” strides taken in enhancing the social, cultural and economic well being of the farm workers.

Music has also become a huge part of daily life at Solms-Delta.  Joyous music has played a major role in changing the lives of people on the farm. Watch this incredible video from ISAW and notice how music and opportunity has changed so many of these workers lives.

Solms Delta and The Soetstemme Choir from ISAW TV on Vimeo.

The Solms-Delta wine estate prides itself on its exquisite surroundings, a unique restaurant and formal culinary garden, and the incredible art and science of their winemaking process.  Visitors can wander the estate enjoying the peaceful and beautiful surroundings.  Private picnics along the lush banks of the Dwars River are also available September to April, arranged through the Fyndraai Restaurant.  Wine-tasting is also available daily in the Museum van de Caab or under the beautiful mature oaks outside.

Hilko Hegewisch is the Winemaker at Solms-Delta and loves a challenge as much as he loves wine.  He studied winemaking at Elsenburg College and spent 18 years as a Winemaker in the Cape before starting his own company.  His adventurous and innovative spirit has made him an ideal choice as Winemaker at Solms-Delta.

The wines of Solms-Delta are handcrafted with integrity and distinction.  There are two ranges of wines, Solms-Astor and Solms-Delta.  The ancient greek practice of desiccation of the grapes (vine clamped and dried for intensity and a distinct style) is used.

Solms-Astor range consists of three traditional yet unusual Cape blends which are featured in our store:

Langarm (a red blend)

Vastrap (a white blend)

Cape Jazz Shiraz (light, fruity and refreshing; low in alcohol)

Part of The Solms-Delta wine range can be found in Cape Ardor’s online store.

-Africana – which is  produced entirely from desiccated grapes,

-Hiervandaan (red blend)-

-Amalie (dry white blend)

These were all launched under the label, Wijn de Caab, in 2005.


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